I get misty eyes as she says farewell. Two.

I couldn’t explain it. My heart palpitations were gaining momentum with each passing day. So I’m going to Adelaide in a few weeks. Wow. My first time living away from home. I’m nervous. But excited nervous.

Dear Jesus, I pray You would bless me with spiritual parents. I’m not asking for someone great or popular, just someone to watch over my pitiful soul. Someone who would genuinely care about my well-being and sincerely love me as a spiritual daughter.

To have known you was definitely the highlight of my 3 years. You were the answered prayer. You were the reason I never felt homesick  from missing my parents. You are the reason I want to find that “thing” that will lay a hold of me and never let me go. There aren’t words to describe my gratitude in knowing you or the stabbing pain I felt knowing our paths met a fork in the road.

Thank you. For everything.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice

Proverbs 29:2

Thinking of: Kat McPhee & Zac Levi’s Terrified and the Village LG

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