Yes, corruption is rampant here.

Yes, our national flag, national song, national flower and national food among other things was plagiarized from some other country.

Yes, Hang Tuah was taken out of our textbooks because he wasn’t Malay.

Yes, racism is out-of-control here.

Yes, we sent 2 astronauts to space on a budget that should have been spent on raising the standard of living in rural areas.

Yes, you cannot buy a house, own a company or get a scholarship fairly.

Yes, our education ministers cannot decide if Mathematics and Science would be better taught in English or Malay.

Yes, Malaysian drivers are inconsiderate.

Yes, our censorship board censors the word ‘whiskey’ from the radio.

Yes, Samy Vellu wears a wig.

Yes, to all of the above.

But I still love you. Because you are my home. You are mine. And you are the vessel Jesus will use to bring salvation to the lost.

Happy 53rd birthday, Malaysia =}

Peace be within your walls,
Prosperity within your palaces.

Psalm 122:7

Thinking of: BSB’s Quit Playing Games with My Heart and Murtabak form SS17.

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