I will *fill in dream* after *solving current problem*

She said, “I’ll get married and have babies after I’m financially stable.” 9 years down the road, she is still not financially stable?

I find myself lately doing the very thing I said I wouldn’t do; i.e. writing promises to myself in the sand just before high-tide.

I will pray more when I have holidays.

I will study after my 2-hour break.

I will start writing my book after I’ve graduated.

I will be happier after I’ve accomplished all my goals and seen all my dreams come to past.

I will be happier after I find a boyfriend..

I will study Tamil after I study Chinese after I study French after I study Japanese.

Sometimes those dreams never come to past, sometimes they’re just a driving force for today, sometimes those promises to yourself are simply to make you feel better for what you choose to put off today. But if my other yet-to-be-fulfilled/procrastinated dreams are an indication of anything, it’s that working towards it today is as accomplished or as close as I will get to that goal.

Note to self: Be happy today.

Thinking of: the Mount Ophir Princess and how I actually don’t like travelling all that much right now.

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