Before I lose my nerve

As my head hit the stony gravel, two things crossed my mind: “Ouch.” and “Man, I gotta blog this.”

Having a near death experience traumatizes you, makes you realize what’s important in life, makes you regret ever taking anything in your life for granted, makes you promise that if you ever got out of it alive, you would live each day as if it were your last, and you would make it count.

Well, uh, luckily I did NOT have a near death experience. I did get food poisoning though, which is pretty much the same thing in essence. In any case, as my father carried my limp body out of the heat and a stranger made me ginger tea, another thought crossed my mind, You are as alone as you make yourself out to be.

It’s possible to have so many friends in the world, and yet feel isolated . To be in a meaningful conversation and feel detached. To be with the one you love, and still feel reclusive. To be in a crowded room of strangers, and feel alienated. It’s possible to achieve most of your goals and dreams, and still feel alone and undermined.

A boy once told me, “You are SO dependent on the people around you, it’s as if you’ve built a pillar of each one of them as an honorary monument; one for your parents, one for your friends, one for your dreams, one for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Well what if God one day decided to tear each pillar down like Job, then you would have nothing but to depend on God. Do you think you’d be able to stand?”

On another note, today I had the privilege of being reminded of how it felt like to pinky swear. The feeling of trust knowing that though there’s a chance the swear would be compromised, you still wanna reach out that little piggy, because it’s just nice to have someone reach his/her little piggy right back in a time you need that piggy badly.

Friends love through all kinds of weather,
and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.

Proverbs 17:17

If the only pillar in life was meant to be God, then having a family and friends or any kind of social support is just bogus, irrelevant, sacrilegious and frankly a little superfluous. Yeah, I arrogantly think I’m selfish independent enough to stand with just God alone, because God is that omnipotent. But why go through life alone, when you can do it with someone else?

The moral of my story: Boys need to start going to the toilet in pairs.


Also, I know the month of October is over but please check your Kiki and Lala ladies and gentlemen. Cancer kills.


Don’t be the last one to find out.

Thinking of: How thankful I am today for my family, friends and strangers who have stuck by me through crazy and random, How I Met Your Mother and Paramore‘s The Only Exception.

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