Gregarious Gelati

In honour of National Novel Writing Month, I’m dedicating this post as an appreciation for every writer out there who strives to use their gift of writing to be a unique creative influencer in their own right.

As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

1 Peter 4:10

The following is a story I wrote for a very gregarious friend whose dreams inspired  me to get interested in children’s illustrative stories. Literally.  So thank you Sophie Gregoric, life’s more dull without you and gelati.

Gregarious Gelati

Illustrated by Sumitra Naidu

Inspired by Sophie Gregoric

It’s been on my mind,

I couldn’t wait,

To tell you of the weirdest day I’ve experienced to date.


One day I was riding with my dad,

To a city that was quite very far,

In what could only be described as a big Red Wiggles car.

sophie 1

We were driving on a bridge,

Along the ocean side,

When big white fishing boats,

Caught my big brown eyes.


I said, “No way, it cannot be!”

My surprise was so great,

For on those bows were tiny penguins fishing,

Using tinier penguins as bait!

sophie 2

I screamed in delight,

And my father hit the brakes,

We just had to go across the water,

Making sure our eyes made no mistake.


Turning our car into a rowing boat,

We made our way to the bow,

When suddenly a giant whale sprung up,

Disrupting the waters flow.


“Hey we have one at home!” I recalled

“But why is our whale as small as my toe?”

“You silly child.” My dad replied

The size of the bowl it’s in determines how big it’ll grow.


Later on, up on the shore, I dried by a shroud of trees,

When something happened separating my papa from me.


The ground shook

It rumbled and grumbled,

Then out of the thicket a great big zoo tumbled!


Ostriches, elephants, monkeys and roo’s,

Tigers, eagles and wallabies too!

sophie 3

When the stampede was over,

Two little girls flew to my side,

Giggling they asked, “Do you know how many animals have passed you by?”


Before I could answer her explanation began,

She drew a graph on the ground to help me understand.


“If you multiply the amount of homework you do by this amount of time,

That’s how many animals have passed you by.”
sophie 4

Taking my hand, they led me to a house,

It seemed small enough to fit a Mexican pocket mouse.


They said, “Old Lady Wrinklez will look after you.

Just don’t forget to pay her a penny or two.”


But I wanted to go home, this wasn’t a lot of fun,

Wrinklez said, “Sure. But you have to marry my son.”


Her son was pale, skinny and his red eyes were swollen,

There was no way in Gehenna I was marrying this Edward A. Cullen.
sophie 5

“The only other way,”

Wrinklez said when she noticed my face,

“Is to turn yourself into a packet of food,

and have your father buy you out of this place.”


By now I was tired,

I gave up and lay down to sleep,

Only to wake up to find it was all just a dream.

sophie 6


To join the 30 day 50, 000-word novel writing competition NaNoWriMo, click here.

Thinking of: Big Momma’s House and T.Swift’s Better than Revenge.

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