50 hours to Midnight.

Okay I finally found my 2010 new year’s resolutions which I thought I lost.

Resolution: Increase punctuality. Reality: Check.

Resolution: Get Wacoal body. Reality: I’d like to say ‘Check’.

Resolution: Don’t sign up at the gym. Reality: Check.

Resolutions: Write my book. Reality: In my defense, this was technically last years resolution and I still haven’t got around to it. Yet.

Resolution: Stop eating beef and pork. Reality: I ate so much pork this year pigs are sending me hate mail.

Resolution: Get all HD’s for my last sem in uni. Reality: Uhh, at least I GRADUATED! Isn’t that enough? This world demands too much from academic performance.

Resolution: Donate blood at least once. Reality: I was on medication so I couldn’t donate BUT I did fall down in November spilling my blood on the pavement though.

Resolution: Stop shouting at God. Reality: Dear God, I’m SORRRAAYYY!!!!!

Resolution: Use 5 hours maximum of internet on weekends. 3 hours on weekdays. Reality: What do you think?

Resolution: Careful what movies you choose to watch. If possible do not watch at all. Reality: Sigh.

Now reading back it’s a wonder I’ve not been committed for being so delusional.

Note to self: Make 2011’s resolutions achievable.

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.

Proverbs 21:30

Stop bear-baiting. Click here.

Thinking of: The Bieberhood, Bieber’s Never let you go and the awesomest New Year that is happening in about 50 hours.

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