I killed seven with one blow.

King: Did you kill seven at one blow?

Mickey Mouse: Y-yes, your honor. And how.

King: Well, how?

Mickey Mouse: I was all alone. I heard them coming. I looked up, and I was surronded.

King: Yes?

Mickey Mouse: They were here, there, everywhere! A whole bunch of them! They came at me from the left! From the right! Right! Left! Left! Right!They were coming closer. The fight was on. I swung and missed. I missed and swung again and again! They were right on top of me!

King: And then?

Mickey Mouse: And then, I let em have it!

The day started out expectedly.

Stereotype #1: I knew I would get up late because Malaysians are never on time.

Stereotype #2: I knew there would be a jam because when it rains, Malaysians rush to work.

Stereotype #3: I knew that my boss would get pissed at the telephone guy because Malaysians love to promise goods they cannot deliver.

Stereotype #4: I knew that the office next door wouldn’t be happy loaning us their printer because Malaysians are kiasu.

Stereotype #5: I knew my boss would honk at least once while driving on the road because Malaysians are bad drivers

Stereotype #6: I knew the public toilet where we had lunch would be disgusting because Malaysians cannot look after public property

Stereotype #7: I knew the guy I paid for my food would wait till I asked for my change instead of giving it to me because Malaysians suka sangat Skim Cepat Kaya.

But I definitely did not expect that when I walked into the dingy, dodgy, smelly, smoky food court serving cheap unhealthy food that I would drop my wallet on the floor on my way out. And I definitely didn’t expect the lady to be keeping my wallet for me safely 20 minutes later when I came running and crying to her in fear.

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment

John 7:24

Kak Whatever-your-name-is, if you are reading my blog post, thank you for killing the stereotype. And thank you for not swiping my wallet. I pray an abundance of blessing upon your kind soul.

Also note to self: When running to get find lost wallet, make sure blouse button does not come undone. Your boss will not tell you that your insides are showing.

Thinking of: How much I love that stereotypes are being broken everyday, Corneille’s Parcequ’on vient de loin and how much I hate my hair and clothes smelling like cheap tobacco =(

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