The Food Critic: The Pink Sage

I went to The Pink Sage for lunch today. Located at Solaris Dutamas, it’s got a very cute and scenic diner theme going. Food was priced reasonably; RM 13 for special lunch burgers with fountain drinks. The burger itself: I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10 with 10 being Ramlee burgers and 1 being KFC burgers. It’s not very crowded so I kinda liked it. I don’t really always follow the  “Eat where there are lots of people ‘coz that means the food is good”. The thing that really caught my eye about this place is, the toilet. Yes, not the food. The toilet. Why? I walk into the bathroom and as I reach for the toilet paper, I see this:

WTF-worthy moment #1

At first I thought they were too cheap to buy actual toilet paper holders. But then I walked out and saw this

WTF-worthy moment #2

And realised its part of the deco.


Bearing in mind the service, the company you’re with, the ambience and the location plays a big part in how you perceive a food place, I’d give this diner a overall 2 diamonds.


Would I go back to this place to eat?

Not voluntarily. Maybe to go back and see the “toilet paper holder”.

Thinking of: Tokio Hotel’s Hurricanes and Suns, why they name bathroom fixtures after women eg: Kimberly-Clark the Toilet-paper-dispenser and Sofia the sink and why won’t the universe let me have some Bak Kut Teh?

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