Bambi’s Toes.

A friend once told me, “I do feel like you’re the kind of person who likes to plan her future before she steps into it the next day.”

It’s true. Imagine a world where you physically couldn’t see your next step. Let’s do an exercise to illustrate my point.

You’re in a room on your computer right? Stand up. Close your eyes. Then spin around. Do the hokey pokey. Now try to find your way to the front door/kitchen/bathroom/fridge. Though you’ve been there a million times, you’ll still walk slower and with less certainty than if you could see.

True Fact: You move faster and make less mistakes when you have sight.

When I used to babysit the Elmo kids, we played a game called Booby Trap. It’s like police and thief in the dark in the living room. The living was big and spacious so it wasn’t hard to run about even in the pitch darkness. The twist was the ‘thieves’ would plant obstacles in your way; like pillows or the coffee table or a toy. On top of that, the ‘police’ was blindfolded with black cloth.

I tore my jeans playing this game.

Nobody LIKES the uncertainty of tomorrow. But Jesus has called many of us to that life. And I used to wonder why. What is the point of making you blind when it comes to the future? Your eyes direct your feet. Without sight of your next step, how will you know when you are going to fall? Does God WANT me to fall without warning? O_O Maybe He wants a good laugh after.

The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer and will make me to walk, not to stand still in terror, but to walk, and make progress upon places of trouble, suffering, or responsibility!

Habakuk 3:19

Why deer feet? Why not wallaby feet?

True Fact: A female deer can place her hind feet exactly where her front feet stepped, not one inch off. In times of danger and protecting her young, she is able to run securely, and not get “off track”.

Also a True Fact: The strong muscles of a deer’s hind legs provide most of the power for jumping, often 8 feet into the air. They bound swiftly across a dense forest or prairie. The front legs are ideal for pivoting, allowing a deer to make sharp turns.

Deer feet were made for the precipice.

I’m comforted knowing that even though my tomorrow’s are as palpable as Charlie the Unicorn, when I give God my tomorrows, He will make my feet able to run along the edge without falling.

Maybe He’ll even teach me to run on water.

Secretly I'll admit, a little unpredictability in life would make it less jejune.

(Inspired by Aunty Liza)

Thinking of: Train’s If it’s Love, Adele’s Chasing Pavements, How I’m tired of getting lost but at least now i know where the Sungai Buloh hospital is 😀 and how awesome is it that there is a friggin KFC restaurant on the pedestrian bridge at the NKVE highway?!

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