You and me, baby, we’re stuck like glue.

Hey Sumie,

I want you to remember today.

You woke up late. As usual. Left the house late. As usual. You had enough petrol in your car to get to Cell but decided to listen to the nagging voice that told you to fill it up full tank. Thanks for listening. Today was the first day you found parking in front of the office that’s free and made a mental note to park here more often. Today was also the day you had a heart to heart talk with your boss and realised he’s not only really intelligent, but really funny too. Today was also the day you found the cutest shop that sold cheap vintage furniture. When you look back at this post 6 months from now, you’d better have bought that adorable comforter set. Today was one of the worst weathers you’ve had the privilege to drive in. Today was also the first day you were caught in a 2 hour jam and took many wrong turns. Thanks again for listening to that voice and filling up your tank. Today was a day your patience was tested with ladies on the phone and ladies on the road.

If you forget the above, that’s fine. Just remember what happened at night.

It was the night you felt it again; the warmth of another human being sincerely caring for you. One night can make it seem like that last 5 months didn’t happen. At least it seemed that way for a couple of hours.

You can take the girl out of CampusCity, but you can’t take the CampusCity out  of the girl.

My dreams only get better.

Thinking of: Sugarland’s Stuck like Glue and as dead tired as I am, tonight was definitely worth it.

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