The Birds Come Here To Mate.

I must say I was a little astonished when I read in the news that special appointed ‘anti-immoral acts’ officers will be patrolling all the make out spots in the city. Reason being they want to curb Valentines Day fornicators. I guess I understand certain people’s needs to cling on to their judicious morals and beliefs. They say ‘If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. But I’m thinking, don’t people fornicate on other days as well? -.-”

If you haven’t Googled yet, there are many version of V-Day. But my favourite is of the one about Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor felt marriage weakened men making them rubbish soldiers. He consequently went on to make a public ban of the ceremony. Kinda like what the ‘anti-immoral acts’ officers are doing. But there was a Roman bishop named St. Valentine who would marry off forbidden lovers in secret. Emperor found out, long story short, his majesty beheaded the bishop.

Of course scholars don’t believe St Valentine was martyrd for that reason because as the story goes, when in prison, the Emperor offered Valentine a trade, his life spared if he would accept the Roman gods and renounce Christ. The bishop told him to *censored* off and so was beheaded.

Now I don’t know if it’s true but it seems that the Emperor was cock-blocked as a child and never fully recovered.

There are so many types of love it’s unfair to make Valentines all about lovers. Even if it was all about lovers, to restrain them from fully expressing their ardor for eachother on such a day seems like such a shame. And stupid. And also non-implementable because I don’t know a man who wouldn’t swim ten rivers to get to the one he loves. Men are beautiful that way.

Moral of the story: You can try to nip love in the bud but there’s always going to be a Valentine out there being mighty sneaky every step of the way.

The most romantic line I’ve ever heard?

If you ever die, they’re going to have to dig another grave next to yours because there’s no way I’m living without you.

My Papa to my Mummy.

Sigh. I love Valentines Day.

Some people are just worth breaking the rules for.

Read more about Valentines Day here.

Thinking of: Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love, seeing my Valentines tonight and Frankie Muniz’s blue-blue eyes.

Edited 15/2/2011

My Valentine and me. I *heart* you, Pati. Thank you for being the best Grandma in the world. You grow older so gracefully you put them Russian ballerina’s to SHAME. SHAAAAAMMEEEE!!!!!!


If I ever thought sexy was gone, you’ve taught me how to bring it back.


Funny story about the flowers, I actually bought them O_O

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