You sit in class next to a red head named Abigail, and soon enough you’re best friends.

I didn’t wake up today to tell myself, “Y’know what? I think I’ll fill my life with mistakes.”

And yet, I fall into the same trap of my flesh daily.

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind.

1 Chorinthians 10:13

What *censored* me off is that it’s the same friggin problem.

Is it that hard to stop making bad choices?

I hear a voice say, “Apparently.”

Coincidentally Pastor spoke on repeating mistakes last Sunday. He mentioned that a part of why I repeat my mistakes is because I have a blindspot in my weakness only others can see. The story he told of King David and Abigail moved me.

King David and his men were wandering near this rich man(Nabal)’s house. Now the King and his men were protecting Nabal’s house and his property and did not attack any of his servants but treated them well. One day Dave sends a few good men to ask Nabal if they can join in the feast. Nabal replies back insultingly that there’s no way in *censored* he’s giving his hard-earned food to a bunch of outlaws and wanderers. When the reply comes back to King David, he only had one thing to say to his 400 soldiers; strap on your swords. And they made their way to Nabal’s house. Just as David cursed,

“May God do his worst to me if Nabal and every cur in his misbegotten brood aren’t dead meat by morning!”

1 Samuel 25:22

Nabal’s wife, Abigail, meets Dave halfway to intervene for her household, bringing a feast with her. She placates him(or rather, his stomache) and changes his mind about the attack. King David then thanks her for saving him from having wasted the blood of an innocent man on his hands.

Long story short, Nabal dies of a heart attack and King Dee marries Abby. Of course King Dee got the woman. The hero always gets the girl.

 Sigh. So many reasons to love King David.

What was the point of this? Oh yes. I need an Abigail in my life for that big blindspot. Someone to stop me from shedding innocent blood. Again. And again.

Thinking of: Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, Sherlock Holmes, It’s a Boy|Girl thing and How much I love his bad habits.

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