V-Log 8: How to be a Maid of Horror.

As you know, two of my closest friends just got married and I had the privilege of being her maid of honour.

At first I was attracted to all the glamour of the name. So attracted I may have neglected the very duties my “status” promised to carry. So in order to avoid this from ever happening again to any other MOH, I have vlogged my mistakes.

Note to MOH’s: The wedding ceremony is the MOST crucial time for you, not before. So make sure you ask your bride beforehand what EXACTLY is expected of you, winging it will only get you smacked by the wedding planner, bride and best man.

Okay that last part was just how I imagined it, on the day the guy was really all sweet and gentlemanly-like.

But the part about me stealing the girl who got the bridal bouquet is true. So again, a public apology to the sweet girl whom I bestowed such horror upon. I didn’t get to see your face ‘coz I was busy burying myself in shame under the carpets but I was told you had your arms outstretched and a smile on your face before I stole your bouquet and your smile 😦 my bad 😦 my big big bad 😦 😦 my big bad wolf 😦 If it makes you feel any better you’ll prolly get married before me anyhow O_O

I would just like to point out to everyone who saw that scene that I am NOT that desperate to get married next and I DON’T believe in that superstition. It was merely a reflex action.

Thinking of: Blessed Union of Souls’ I Believe, The Killers, Lucky You, Eric ‘Banana’ Bana and THE VELVET RABBIT!

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