And I was like, “Baby, baby, baby OH!”

Okay. Mega exciting-ness-cious news to share. Went to the bank to deposit some $$ and saw this car in front of McD’s KK.  So went to tengok-tengok. Sang a Justin Bieber song and won


*Get’s teary eye-d*

Thank you, Tune Talk and Justin Bieber for this gift. And my mother and father for giving birth to me so I can procrastinate depositing my $$; an event without which I would not have these passes. I haven’t won a competition since I was 4 years old and my mom entered me in a colouring competition against my will where I won the consolation prize among 20 other contestants. The passes are definitely cooler than the smelly broken vomit-pink watch. And definitely worth screaming my lungs out to ‘Baby’ for.

So, *drum roll please*,

*Edit-ed 5 minutes later*


YOU! Yes, YOU! Have been chosen to share this dream with me because I know how much you love Rustin Hieber. I mean Justin Bieber.

Okay so turns out some people actually DON’T want to see Bieber.

Shun the non-Belieber. SHUNNN!!!!!

😦 *trudges away slowly to find other Beliebers*

I will Never Say Never.

I forgot to deposit my $$ in my excitement  -___-

Thinking of: This very suspiciously-awesome day, Justin Bieber, how to get to Pavillion KL, how I’m prolly never listening to any other radio station, how it feels to win a radio competition, and Justin Bieber.

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