Filmophile: Never Say Never

I am trying to give my MOST professional and unbiased onion. I am not a full-on Bieber fan. In fact, it was a little embarrassing that we were surrounded by hundreds of tweeny-boppers tonight, but really,

It’s like an angel came by and took me to Heaven.

It’s worth watching. Honestly, you don’t have to watch it in cinema’s because the message is still there. But the surround system is nice if you want to hear his sweet voice. I wouldn’t have gone to watch it in the theater if it wasn’t for the free tickets. But I feel like it was…destiny. God was sending me a message.

So the gist of the movie:

1) Say ‘NO!’ to negativity

2) Fight for your dream(s).

It was inspirational. I found myself asking myself (you like the double reference to myself?),

“What is MY purpose in life? And what have *I* done to achieve it?”

Have I been the type to constantly allow society to tell me how I should take “calculated” risks?

I realize I have had so much fear that I would fail, so I never really let myself believe big.

Bieber looked at Madison Square Garden when he was invisible to the world and said, “In one year, I’m gonna be performing here. I can do this.”

And one year later, he sold out M.S.G in 22 minutes. 22 minutes!

What I did NOT like about the movie.

This self-absorbed 16-year-old pre-pubescent boy basically going on for about an hour and a half about how awesome his life is.

Sumie Rating:


The movie is just a 3/2-hour testimony on how God led a pliable life into his destiny.

It was just. Sigh. Yeah, I’m buying the concert tickets tomorrow. I tried buying it just now but my brother got pissed off that I woke him up at 2 in the morning to borrow his credit card so I can buy Bieber tickets. In my defense I didn’t know he was asleep.

And also, I’ve decided to quit my job and follow my dreams. As soon as I figure out what they are.

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Thinking of: Bieber’s NEVER SAY NEVER, Bieber’s hair, Bieber’s smile, and quite possumly a very good start to a very good week ahead.

Also a shout out to SHI WEI for teman-ing me tonight even though you had obviously better things to do.

The Bieber looks kindly upon you 🙂

P.S.A.: Cakaplah TIDAK ke negativiti.

3 thoughts on “Filmophile: Never Say Never

  1. I soo agree!! They SHUD make a movie abt Barney Stinson!! It wud be EPIC!! and Sumie it’s okay to luv Beiber…really. =)

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