The countdown is over. And it’s still too early to say if I’ve made a mistake.

It doesn’t feel like a mistake. It hasn’t become mundane. I’m treading cautiously because I have this stupid mentality that anytime anything good happens, the rug is pulled from under me before I can say “Omg this is so aweso-!”

Sometimes it’s not that I hate what I’m doing but that it’s not easy. I find myself asking Sumie, “Why does it have to be so hard!”

Some days I just want to tapau siew pau and balik kampung give up. And then I remembered what my lifegroup leader, Farmer Carol, spoke about  in church a few weeks ago.

There is a time for every season, and a time for every purpose. Although you may wish for shorter winter days and longer spring rain, there is no season meant to harm you. There are seasons that are harder to handle but they’ll stretch you and not break you beyond what God has pre-determinedly purposed for you.

Take winter for instance, it can be depressing in all its gloomy splendour, where the darkness controls the majority of our time, blizzards interrupt our daily routines, and the cold just makes you want to curl up like Yogi. BUT winter is not meant to be a time the blue devils come to taunt you. In fact, it’s during winter seeds experience a process called VERNALIZATION.

‘Omg wtfit’ you ask?

Vernalization is a process where plants have to endure prolonged exposure to cold enough weather in order to acquire the ability to germinate/flower/bloom during spring.

Winter is also the time farmers don’t just sit around and wait for the winds to pass. It’s when they repair their equipment for the sowing in spring. It’s when they set in order what needs to be set in order so when the spring comes, they can concentrate fully on their crops.

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Romans 5:3-4

The winters in our life is a test of character. Do we complain when the Celsius starts to drop? Or do we choose to praise Jesus because we realize He actually gives a *toot* about the person we are going to become?

If a farmer does not purpose in his heart to reap what he sows, he can easily be swayed by seasons and distracted by harsh weather conditions. No matter what, even in spring when life starts to wakes up to shake off the coarse climates and you’re tempted to grasshopper your time and chillax, your work must carry on

A farmer too lazy to plant in the spring
has nothing to harvest in the fall.

Proverbs 20:4

It’s a test in summer when there’s Daisy dukes, bikini’s and sun-kissed skin so hot it’ll melt your popsicles, and you have to be patient and not jump ahead to harvest pre-mature crops because you know the only orchard produced impatiently is substandard, low quality and second-rate.

No season is less important than the other, and if you refuse to be pliable in this season, your next season is affected and then no one would want to buy your fruits at the market because they suck.

(Inspired by Farmer Carol.)

Note to self: When planning to water and sing to office plants to make them grow, make sure plants are not plastic because finding out after 3 months is just embarrassing.

I thought the reason they stayed so healthy was 'coz I prayed for it 😥

Thinking of: Forgiveness, Baby Freeze, Justin Bieber’s One Time and my JUSTIN BIEBER TICKETS!!!!!!

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