He said, “Ey, wanna grab lunch?”

You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.

Matthew 5:6

With Easter coming up and everyone fasting, I just look forward to life’s irony as people who never bothered to belanja me before suddenly feel compelled by some supernatural force to treat me to free lunch, dinner, 1909 hotdogs, sugus…

I grew up in a Christian home so that meant frequent fasting. So I know we MUST fast to get closer to God, it’s a method of feeding your spirit man, it helps to get a clearer direction about my purpose, achieve breakthrough, become holier blah blah. But I never thought about the consequences to my being as a result of NOT fasting.

If fasting is like going to the spiritual Fitness First, then not fasting is allowing your spirit to grow love-handles.

If fasting is feeding your spirit [wo]man, then not fasting is starving Her.

Think about what if starving your spirit [wo]man had the same effects as starving your physical body:

Physical Starvation Spiritual Starvation
Strength is first thing to go Below optimum Capacity
Drop in body temperature Losing fire of passion
Lose concentration Easily distracted away from God
Immune system break-down Harder to withstand temptation
High chance to be disease carrier Rot with bad influence
And ultimately……………….. DEATH O_O

Okla you won’t die if you don’t fast, but you will be disconnected from Jesus which is just as bad.

(Inspired by Ps Ryan Foo)

Also on a side note, I came out on the radio when I got through to DJ Jin while trying to win Bieber tickets. Link to that phone call is below. I’m the 5th Belieber if you can’t tell which one is me.

Before you go, “No way!” No I didn’t win any tickets but the suspicion that radio contests are a hoax is apparently not true *shrugs*

Sumie on Hitz.fm

Thinking of: Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached, Tekken 6, Britney’s Till the World Ends, Books, Bangles, Rings and THE VELVET RABBIT IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!

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