Temporary Magic.

One day before the concert: 
I’m feeling: Bleh. Un-excited about the concert. Maybe even regretting a little my impulsive purchase of the tickets.

I haven’t had any exposure to Bieber for the past 2 weeks due to the props and practice for the Easter play. Now I just wanna rest on Thursday instead of screaming with X number of gila-gila Beliebers…

All I can think about is the Easter play and my car and this odd thing my heart does every time he walks by.

Dear Prolly-Never-Gonna-Happen, I know skipping a beat isn’t scientifically feasible but when I see your sms my life feels like it has one less heart beat. So I won’t tell you what it feels like when I see you smiling at me. Should be dead by now 😛

Gah. I want to sell give my tickets away free and sleep instead.

Regret. Regret. Regret.

*curls into a ball of self-pity*

Also another thing I’m going to regret: Staying up this late to blog when I should be asleep for work tomorrow.

Thinking of: My neglected room, life’s irony, Land before Time, my unwanted tickets and Nick Carter’s Falling in Love Again.

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