V-Log 9: Bieber Concert in KL.

The best part about being a celebrity is getting free stuff. Which is weird, ‘coz when I was poor no one gave me free stuff. Now that I’m rich I’m getting all kinds of free stuff. So that’s weird.

Justin Bieber

My PRE-CONCERT Expectations.

I’m going to enjoy this concert immensely. The 8 hours waiting since noon for the 8 pm show will not be in vain. Bieber WILL notice me, call me up on stage and serenade me with “One Less Lonely Girl” for the world to see. The music will be fantastic. I will buy awesome Bieber merchandise. I will never regret taking leave from work to be a part of a history-making 17 year old’s world tour.


I did enjoy it immensely. The most entertaining 70 minutes of the day. Waiting sucked bunnies scut. Especially when it was raining so hard it seemed like the time God flooded the earth to drain it of evil. Although they gave free raincoats, it was risky because it would’ve been inconvenient to get pneumonia right before the Easter play. Bieber did notice me; along with the other 17,000 people at the stadium. No, he didn’t pick me for the One Less Lonely Girl song (I know, shocker.) However the girl that did get picked was, um, er, ah, here just watch it. Music was good. I bought a t-shirt and a glow-stick. No, I do not regret taking leave from work to be a part of a history-making 17 year old’s world tour.

Funky part of the concert: Although I was quite a distance from the stage, being a head and a half taller than most of the audience members was definitely a bonus.

Final Verdict: Hated the waiting. Loved the performance.

As nice as it was shouting and screaming for a good entertainer, I can’t help wishing for the day we’d all be screaming, shouting and chanting the name Jesus. Oh disillusioned world, when is the day the stadiums are going to be packed out so we can give Him the treatment He so rightly deserves? I hope I live to see that day.

At least then, it’d be so much more worth it.

Thinking of: Osama’s death, Obama’s speech, my mistakes, Carrie Underwood’s Just a Dream and how I’m officially declaring myself over my Bieber Fever.