Persnickety Witch.

When Ps. Ryan spoke on the parable of the talents, I honestly wasn’t expecting to hear anything different from the other million times I’d heard this story. Bla bla There once was a man who went travelling far away. Before he left, he gave 3 of his servants some talents (money) each, entrusting his estate to them. Yada yada Two servants made him profit and one buried the money. When he came back he rewarded the two that doubled their initial investment and he made the unfaithful one eat dirt.

Moral of the story: don’t mess around with Gods stuff because when He comes back He’ll expect an account and you’d better have made Him profit.

Easy, simple, straightforward, no other way to twist it, right?

And yet, as it can be with math, one can take the simple things for granted and carelessly overlook the obvious.

The parable of the talents is more than a horror story of what will happen to you if you are a bad steward.

It's not about testing, it's about trusting.

See, each servant is given talents according to his own abilities. That would imply  that there is no possible excuse you can give at the end of the day for not making full use of your talents.

Interesting info: It is said that in this parable we’re talking about 20 years worth of a working mans salary O_O

With that much money in the game, you would think the Master came back to reinstate what was His, but the faithful ones not only got to keep the profit they made but more was given under their responsibility. But he who has made no profit, even what he has will be taken away.

Some people feel the unfaithful servant was too severely dealt with. But think about it, the Master was on a long journey, he left two things in the servants hands; TIME and MONEY. The servant chose to waste both by unnecessarily burying the one miserable talent he had thinking he was breaking even. (Actually, taking inflation into account, that one talent would be worth less in the future, so technically he made a loss -_-)

then when the Master returned he tells his boss, “Well, I knew you were a hard man so to be on the safe side I just broke even for you.”

Interesting info: The word hard here is the same hard used to describe Pharoah in the Exodus. You know, the one who just wouldn’t let the Israelites go? The one who made them find their own bricks and make their own straws and wanted to work them to death so they wouldn’t think of God?

So he wasted his Master’s money, wasted his Master’s time and then called his Master a savage, heartless prick.

You tell me la if the servant was too severely punished.

Looking back on my life, did I know my Master enough to know how to manage my talents?

Our God is a far cry from a God who is ‘hard’. Am I wasting my time burying my talents when I can be out there trying to make Him a profit. And why wouldn’t I, when I know at the end of the day He won’t come back to take it from my hands but add on.

When you do nothing with what you have, you think you’re breaking even. But you’re really losing out.

On a different train: If talents represented the gospel that God has entrusted to us instead of money, then is not sharing the gospel of Jesus with others like the slave who was unfaithful?


There’s a really good read here pertaining to the parable of the talents.

Inspired by Pastor Ryan Foo.

On a lighter note: I don’t agree with it, but this whole Australian planking thing is kinda ingenious in a stupid and death-defying way O_O

Who says Australian's have no talent?

But technically it’s not very original. I’ve been ‘planking’ on my bed for as long as I can remember.

On a side note:

Being unemployed makes me grumpy in the morning.

Thinking of: Planking on my bed, Sia’s Breathe Me, Orange nail polish, GAB Malaysia and CHURCH CAMP!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Persnickety Witch.

  1. haha i didn’t know it was international towel day! which I wikipedia’ed and its actually on the 25th of May. i have no idea who douglas adams is either! which i wikipedia’ed and turns out he’s that guy form monty python -.- i do however know that May is international masturbation month. i found out yesterday through youtube O_O

  2. Sorry, Sumi, it’s International Towel Day. Since I’m a bigger fan of Douglas Adams than of Australia… ;D

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