Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.

They say God will meet your expectations as they are. If you come expecting alot, you’ll receive alot. And vice versa.

Today when Reverend Stephen Goh came a-preaching, I honestly expected nothing. Well, nothing much. Not for my situation.

I stand as a testimony that  God will always meet you ABOVE your expectations. Even when you don’t expect much, in my case, almost nothing.

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10

We live in times where people have more bad news than good news to share. It is in this time the Christians need to rise up with the message that there is a God in the midst of every calamity promising us peace like a dove. He wants us to live a fulfilling life. To live a life that isn’t ‘just fine’ but prospers. And not just prosper for ourselves, but to be a blessing to every life around us.


It means “nothing missing, nothing broken”; it is having an unshakeable promise of everything that makes a man perfect, whole, complete and full.

God wants us to have Shalom, that’s why He sent us a helper. The Holy Spirit is someone who has an undying resolute to carve us into Christ’s image.

Shalom is Perfection. The Holy Spirit strives us in this direction.

In our finances, relationships and even our physical bodies. And until we have taken on the image of God inside and out, His work is not done.

Shalom is perfection. It is biblically canonical. It’s what God wants for us. It’s what we should want for ourselves.

To speak or settle for anything less into our lives and being is an insult to His sacrifice and the very act of the cross.

Inspired by Reverend Stephen Goh

Dear Jesus,

You didn’t need to speak, but You did. You didn’t have to make me feel better. But You did.

You didn’t have to assure me. But You did anyway. Thank You. For caring for me enough to assure me. Even when I really didn’t deserve it. Because for one very Shalom moment, I felt You telling me:

I AM where I’m supposed to be. And I promise I won’t get distracted by boys even though apparently they’re flocking at my door *giggle*. I promise to build my career before thinking about anything else :3

P.S. Thank You for answering me and Yenyi’s prayer for her to speak in tongues.

Thinking of: Pati’s 85th Birthday, how much I love hugs, my dance cover, how friggin’ awesome Harry Potter was and Commodores’ Easy.

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