Snafulophagus and Franch Oil.

You know that feeling when you do something really stupid and then have to pay a very heavy price for it? Sometimes if I’m lucky the price is monetary. Like the fines I got two days in a row for forgetting to display my parking ticket. Sometimes I feel like my life is one big typographical error. The worst feeling in the world is that, when I wake up the next day after screwing up  and feeling snafu to the core.

There’s a story in the bible about a widow in debt who was asked to collect empty jars from her neighbours for a miracle. A prophet of God asked her to pour all the oil she had, which was this sad, small jar of olive oil into all the jars her sons had collected from the neighbours. Her oil from that one small jar did not stop flowing until all her borrowed jars were filled. She then sold all the oil to pay off her husbands creditors.

Why was she in debt? Did she deserve to be in debt? These are flaccid questions because one can’t change the past mistakes or current predicaments by regret.

Today I’m working harder to not get attached to my mistakes but even when I fall, I want to see it as an opportunity for God to do the miraculous and prove His infallible word that He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me. My jar is small. It isn’t good enough even for me sometimes. Mistakes and self-deprecation threatens to bolt me to this dungeon floor daily. This world is an opportunist when it comes to cheapening God’s calling in my life.

But I know that my jar is exactly what God needs to pour His oil into. I’m glad that

In God’s eyes YOU are the perfect candidate.

Ps Ryan Foo

Inspired by Pastor Ryan Foo

We are each made for greatness, you don’t see it now but a puzzle piece can never see the whole picture until the jigsaw-er completes the puzzle. Only the jigsaw-er knows the full, big picture. Because he has the box. And usually the picture is on the cover of the box.

Life is a puzzle, Jesus is the missing piece.

Interesting Fact: Once I did a 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Or one thousand, I don’t remember .

It took me three years to complete because I was flying to and fro from Australia and could only do it during my summer break when I came home to Malaysia. Actually it took me one and a half years to complete, the other one and a half I procrastinated taking it to the shop to get it framed. Finally one day I decide to take it to the shop. I reached under my bed to retrieve my completed puzzle and found the puzzle box instead. And inside that box was 3,000 pieces. Half of which was chewed out by my dog.

A small part of me died that day.

Just a shout out to my mummy, Happy 50th Birthday, beautiful. You’re the best mother in the world and I love you. Here’s to many more birthdays with you 🙂

Will update on birthday video later.

*Edited 16/10/2011*

Thinking of: Role Models, how the standard is set for surprise parties, Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, how love is not dead in marriages, HGC raising the roof, the busy, busy week ahead, how I need to finish Matthew Reilly’s Ice Station and PASTOR KONG HEE coming in 2 weeks!

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