Why do birds fall down from the sky every time you walk by?

Today was HGC’s 5th anniversary dinner. It was definitely a memorable day for me. Not just because I was part of a mind0blowing performance but because I was reminded how God was so gracious to me and blessed me with such a great church. 9 months ago going to church for me was a dreadful obligatory mission to a man’s religious institution.

Someone once asked me, is it compulsory for Chrisitans to go to church? If God lives in me and I AM THE FRIGGIN CHURCH, I shouldn’t feel guilty for not going.

She is absolutely correct. God gave us free will. He doesn’t love you less because you choose to worship from home. He doesn’t love you less if you choose to spend time with your family on the weekends instead of with church members. You’re not going to hell because you don’t attend bible classes or cellgroup.

But I can tell you from someone who spent just 6 months away from church, I wouldn’t trade the experiences gained in HGC for all the macaroons in the world.

Was I ever offended in church? Yes. Did I ever feel neglected or overlooked at some point? Yes. Did I ever feel that I disagreed with some of the teachings of those in leadership? Yes. Did I ever feel unappreciated at some point? Yes.

But did I also always feel encouraged when I was down? Yes. Was I always given avenue to expand my capacity in every important way? Yes. Did I constantly feel loved? Yes. Did I ever feel overappreciated for what seemed to be miniscule things I chose to help out in? Yes. Do I receive a revelation from the mouths of the ones at the pulpit? Every week.

Here’s a newsflash, a church full of imperfect people don’t make the church perfect. It is God that brings the unity and each individual who chooses to work it out even when it’s uncomfortable.

I promised myself church would never be a chore for me. Because even though loving and committing to someone isn’t easy, I remember what Christ did on calvary. The cup never passed Him by and He drank every last drop until we were all set free. Which means church should never hold you back or box you in. It should be that kick you need to fly off from your nest and fulfill the great commission. The reason being, again, because this isn’t just about me. It’s about every person who’s ever been told the lie that they have no purpose on earth and nothing they do matters to anyone.

The church has many definitions; God’s house, 2nd home, religious association, that place you go to “cleanse” yourself when you feel dirty, the place we visit on Good Friday, Easter and Christmas, that place we go to check out goodlooking people, etc.

To me, HGC is three words: My Answered Prayer.

Happy 5th Anniversary Harvest Generation Church. Here’s to that great destiny awaiting each and every one of us.

Side Note: Remember to bring performance dress in the future. Mummy won’t always be around to bring them to you. This isn’t primary school Sumie.

Another side note: Be confident when you start off a song.

Another side note: Embarrassing moments are meant to be captured on video so you can relive those moments till Jesus comes.

More Important Side Note: The lyrics to ‘Close to You’ start with ‘Why do birds…”.

Special Thanks to Eunice Lee for taking the video.

Thinking of: How everything that can go wrong will go wrong but days that have no challenge do nothing for me, Karen Carpenter’s untimely demise, anorexia nervosa, Glozell’s “Ketchup-Kashew-Keisha-LaQuanda“, and what Robin sees in Barney.

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