House Keys, Car Keys, Wallet and Door Tag.

Lately I’ve been seeing things differently. The natural way is working out less and less for me. Although it makes more sense, the supernatural has a better way of getting things done.

It occurred to me while doing devo with Ps’s Ashley&Jane, when Jesus asked His disciples to feed the 5 thousand, He wasn’t obviously delusional. Think about it, He’s been with them for a long period of time, He asked them to give up every kind of comfort and attachment and follow Him anywhere He wanted to go. He must’ve known they had no way of naturally providing food for 5 thousand men.

You don’t need a PhD to figure out fast that:

12 disciples with no food= 5 thousand hangry men.

That graph is exponentially linear.

The disciples must’ve thought He be trippin’ and can’t see that the demand severely outweighs the supply.

But I think Jesus couldn’t have made His intentions any more clearer: It was time to level up in faith.

The point in the end wasn’t to lose the vision of the miracle and send people away but to recognize God as the provider.

Every time I look within myself I see a deficit, a quickly depleting natural resource, but the moment I search in God’s satchel, suddenly I have the capacity to feed a  bunch of hungry men. So to speak.

When I was younger, I had no money but plenty of time, now I have money but not a lot of time. I’ll always have a natural shortage, if I choose to focus on that.

I have nothing much, and that is a sad fact. Thankfully, that’s exactly what He needs from me to make a difference. Along with a pinch of obedience.

Jesus doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the ones He calls.


I love how I’ve been hearing about the feeding of the 5 thousand since I was 5 and I still never get bored of it because everytime there’s something new to learn.

And yes, people,


it is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) time again! This year I plan to follow it religiously and actually get something done. I am planning to start my outline tonight. So far so good. Maybe I’ll write more than one novel and upload it here. Sho ekshiting!

Thinking of: What’s Your Number, finally giving up, Pierre Boulanger, This Century’s No Way Out, Easter 2012 auditions and NanoWriMo!!!!!

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