Bless you. Tissue?

Yesterday I had the privilege to stand and watch Aaron and Carol, two of my most esteemed leaders, tie the knot. It was a truly beautiful ceremony. There’s just something in the air when two people can’t wait to make a lifelong vow to spend the rest of their mortal lives in each others arms. Something so profound in the way two humans can find that kindred spirit, to have and to hold in all their bad habits and broken ways. What motivates one to lay aside single ways to be ‘knotted’, to commit, to say ‘Yes’ to weird sleeping habits and some-what constant nagging? Romance takes you only halfway after all.

I’ve known Aaron for some time but only yesterday I realized he was the kind of man who really knows how to treat precious matter. It was in the way he was always rushing to touch her the entire night, as if a moment away from her scared the he** out of him, and in the way he protectively kept his arms around her waist, as if he feared the air itself would bruise her if he let her go too far.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Carol so care-free. Always smiling ear-to-ear, she looked like a woman set free.

Some people think it’s paradoxical, that one should feel free after just being assigned to what some think is the last legal form of slavery, but it was there in her eyes, the sparkle that this was it. He was it. The one who would always make her feel beautiful with his eyes even if his lips never said the words out loud.

The best kind of wedding is the kind of wedding that doesn’t leave you wishing you were married but one that convinces you that second best will never do.

Aaron and Carol, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and that every good thing you two have sown into lives will come reaping back 100 fold like a tsunami; so no building can hold it in and all obstruction will lay flat in it’s wake. Here’s to a life filled with every dream hoped for.


ALSO! I performed at their wedding. And I got the lyrics right!!! Praise God practice makes perfect.

Thinking of: Christina Perry’s A Thousand Years, lyrics I finally remembered, what is up with Westin KL and salmon, Uncle Jesse, compartmentalization and Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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