May the force be with you.

The only force I felt while watching StarWars was the fact I was forced to put myself through that *gag* 2 hours of what apparently is the best of all the StarWars movies.

So what I could make out from whichever part I was fairly awake for is Luke Skywalker goes to Yoda (the same actor from The Gremlins) to learn the art of the Jedi because Ben (no idea who this is, just remember Luke crying out his name alot) told him to. Meanwhile, Hans Solo (awesome name, by the way), and his Princess Lea team were running away from Darth Vader (the antagonist who sounds surprisingly a lot like the cookie monster) for some reason I couldn’t really understand. Vadey wanted to get to Luke Skywalker (not sure for what reason) and used capturing Princess Leah’s team as bait. So Luke has to choose between completing his Jedi training or going to save his friends. Obviously he chooses to save his friends.

Worst part for me:

Chewbacca (Chewey) really annoyed the crap out of me, he was making noises like a cat in heat. It was not pleasing to my ears.

Favourite part:

I love the last conversation Hans has with Lea.

Hans Solo (fantastic name) about to go into some hibernation portal:

Princess Lea: I love you

Hans: I know

That was such a sad burn for the princess.

Honestly I could barely keep my eyes open, I was just waiting for it to end so I could tick this off my 2011 resolution list. Although it was great that I finally got to see the original clip of the father-son bonding moment where D-Vader says “I am your father, now come join the family business.” and Luke Skywalker screams “Nooooo!!!!!” and jumps off the bridge. I thought that was kinda rude of Luke.


Even though I wasn’t really paying attention to the movie which attributed to me not really understanding the plot, the story was alright. I give it 2.75-3 stars.

≤ ♦♦♦◊◊

As you can see this post is extremely biased to what I was feeling emotionally at the time. But I did think it was a pretty good movie considering it was made about 32 years ago. Well done, George Lucas, well done. However, I have decided that StarWars is not my cup of tea therefore I shan’t continue watching the other StarWars movies unless another force is with me. Maybe it was late at night, maybe the temperature wasn’t right but I’m not sure why this movie didn’t wow me as much as people said it would but I am definitely open to reconsidering my position on this review if I ever watch the others.

Thinking of: Punctual me, Gong Xi Fa Chai, my brand spanking new year and Breathe Carolina’s Blackout.

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