I’m late for a very important date.

THEME for 2012: Punctuality!

I know what you’re thinking. If my theme for 2012 is punctuality, why am I writing my New Year’s resolution 2 weeks after New Year’s.

And my answer to you is this:

Moving on, the following will be my 2012 New Year’s quest.


    1. Take better care of hair and feet.
    2. Record another T.Swift cover.
    3. Record 2 dance videos.
    4. Reach 30 subscribers on YouTube. I currently have 28.  Achieved on 13th March 2012
    5. Read ‘How to kill a mockingbird’
    6. Watch ‘The King’s Speech’.

2011 Reso’s brought forward to 2012

  1. Clean up iTunes
  2. Record one episode of KK Hills 40460 short film.
  3. Donate blood.
  4. Stop shouting at God. It’s not His fault.

2012’s New Reso’s

1. Lose weight for my Easter play. Current weight: 53 kg. 

Aim: To look like this:

2. Learn how to make 5 new dishes from cookbooks.

3. Learn popping and how to do the robot for the Easter play.

4. Write second page of novel.

5. Take a vow of silence for at least one day. 

6. Go for at least ONE dance competition.

7. BE PUNCTUAL!!! How I plan to achieve this major resolution is simple. I have a punctuality calendar and every time I’m punctual, I get a witness to sign that calendar. However, leopards don’t change their spots overnight (some say they don’t change at all) so I give myself leeway to be late 20% of the time; about 73 days out of 365. More or less. I’m not just trying to be punctual for work but social events as well. So the system is like this; each day carries one point. Out of that one point in one day, work carries a weight of 0.75 pts and social meetings make up 0.25 pts. So if I’m late for work but on time to see friends, I’ll get 0.25 pts for that day. Conversely if I’m on time for work but make a friend wait, I’ll give myself 0.75 pts. At the end of the day, if I can make it to more than 80% of my overall meetings (>292 pts) punctually, I will reward myself with a nice purse.

Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD

Psalms 27:14


2012 gon’ be ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.

Thinking of: the Olsen twins in Passport to Paris, Ray J feat. Fat Joe’s Keep Sweating, the Chris’s tying the knot, irresponsible idiots who think it’s okay to send taxi’s to pick up their friends, my brand spanking new year, UrbanGroove and JOLISON’S ENGAGEMENT!!!

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