The Typewriter

*tap tap tap…tap tap*

If you’re familiar with the sound of relentless tapping proceeded with the occasional resonating mechanical slide, you’ve probably come across a classical typewriter before. Perhaps you’ve tried using one.

The typewriter revolutionized the world of written language, relieved clerks and administrators alike in documenting and archiving records and so on by speeding up the process of writing. Although it serves many great purposes, there is one inevitable flaw in this design. Every word typed, remains permanent.

There is no removing or deleting of it.

Friends, we all have a typewriter. One specially designed and installed in our lives. It starts typing the moment you were brought into this world. What does it type? Well, you might have guessed it, the story of your life. Every word spoken, every thought, every action you’ve taken have been written out and archived in your book. That’s right, every good deed, every nasty thought has been put down in words. Whatever you have done and been through so far, up until now has been continuously typed out, page after page, chapter after chapter. Yes, there is no undoing of it or getting rid of the book.

Pause for a moment, think. What does your book contain so far? What has been written on those empty pages? Will you be reading your book in regret and remorse or joy in what you have achieved? Are you where you want to be right now? Are you who you want to see in the mirror?
Most of us are bound to have mixed feelings when it comes to this. Some of you may want to rethink of the way you live your lives. The thing is that you shouldn’t dwell on those thoughts. Yes, there may be things you have regretted doing but no, that doesn’t make you a failure. Those choices have shaped you to be who you are right now; even if it has made you a person you did not plan to be. Understand; that failing is not in falling, but in never rising. Make better choices the next time.

For those who are running a good race, I clap on behalf of you. You have been writing good stories in those pages. Don’t go stopping now. Things may get rough, but it only reminds you the truth about life, roads aren’t straight and smooth. Keep pushing and persevering.

At the end of life’s journey, your book will be read. By who? I assume that you already know.
Well, what’s on the next chapter of your life in that book? There’s always time to start a new paragraph or flip over a new page and start writing in a different phase of life, one that you choose. What has been written has been written. What is about to be written, that’s up to you.

God bless.

Written by Sunny Phang.

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