I’m tired of pushing coaches. I want to see the world!

Hello! Remember, don’t be impatient, [Sumi]. You can never be as strong and fast as [others], but you can be a really useful engine. Don’t let the silly trucks tease you.

The Fat Controller

Over the last week, I feel led to believe fasting isn’t me coming to get God’s blessing or permission over the drastic decisions I’m making.

The purpose of fasting isn’t to twist God’s hand to get what you want.

Caroline Ho.

If I built a train, I design it and I determine it’s functions as a train. I also know best which track is most suited for it as well as which track would damage it’s wheels.

I write the manual for that train.

If I decide that the train runs on a rail road track at a maximum of 90 km/h, can the train turn around to ask my permission if it can run on asphalt at 140 km/h instead? If I made the train to carry human beings , what will happen if the train insists on carrying zoo animals?

At the end of a fast, you must have a clarity of God’s will; to catch God’s heart.

Ps Ryan

Maybe it’s a struggle, to put His will before my own, to give up what I desire to please Him. But I find comfort knowing if I do so, chances of me going off track are non-existent.

Thinking of: Train’s Drive By, Jason Derulo’s Breathing, how HexBugs creep me out,  1 Corinthians 5:8, giving RM500 to the first person who satisfies my Ramli Burger cravings and a metro-sexual man with a 6-year engineering degree from Japan serving me coffee.

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