18th of February 2012

Disclaimer: The events below may not be in the exact sequence but is somewhat definitely how it happened in my head.

29th of January

Mummy: Sumi, Hema Akka’s wedding reception in Port Dickson is on the 18th of February.

Sumi: I’ll be there

3rd of February

Lizzie: “Sumi, you free on the 18th of February to hang out with me and Jason?”

Sumi: “Yea sure! I don’t have anything on! I want to see you before you go back to Australia!”

5th February

Yenums:  “Sumi, you free on the 18th of February to go roller skating with Sarah and me?”

Sumi: “Yea sure! I don’t have anything on! I want to see you before you go to Australia!”

10th of February

JiaYums: “Sumi, you free for a movie on the 18th of Feb?”

Sumi: “Yea sure! I don’t have anything on! I want to see you before you go back to Australia!”

11th of February

Jeff: You free for Easter practice on February the 18th?

Sumi: Yea sure! I have nothing on!

16th of February

Carol: You okay for video announcement?

Sumi: Yeah I’ll be doing it on the 18th of February, I have nothing on.

17th of February

Boss: Can you work tomorrow?

Sumi: Tomorrow is Saturday the 18th? Yea sure, I have nothing on.

18th of February


The 18th of February was a historical day for me in my life because this was the day I realised I needed to Learn to say ‘No’ and I badly needed to get an organizer. If you’re wondering what happened that day, I ended up staying up all night the night before to do the video announcement and work, went late for Easter practice, got what felt like a mini heart-attack when I saw Yenums at church but the panic went as quickly as it came because she had also forgotten about our skating date, had to apologize profusely to Elizabeth to leave her waiting for me for lunch, got a really nasty red-sms from JiaYums swearing off our friendship if I didn’t pick up the da*n phone as she was waiting for hours for me, had what felt like another mini heart-attack when I got an sms 5 minutes before leaving to PD that my video I worked all night on hadn’t been saved in the church computer, then went to PD for the wedding reception.

Of course everything worked itself out; someone managed to take my video file from me, I got to meet up with everyone I wanted to afterwards and I met submission deadline as well, but I definitely could’ve done better.

Dear 18th-of-February-Sumie,

What the he** were you thinking?!

Dear 26th-June-2033-Sumie

Thanks for creating that time portal. Briliant job. Now could you please go back in time to the 18th of February and kick Sumie’s  a**. Much appreciated. And bring me one of those fancy daily organizers that look like a pocket-size R2-D2.

Sigh. I need to get more organized and disciplined.

On a completely related side note:  The truth about how I am hurts and embarasses me, but I need to hear it, admit it, and work on it so one day You  can be proud of who I’ve chosen to become. But most importantly, I thank You that You never looked at me in exasperation like I wasn’t worth saving in the first place.

The road to life is a disciplined life; 
   ignore correction and you’re lost for good.

Proverbs 10:17

Thinking of: ‘How it’s driving me mad I miss you so bad’ on loop in my mental iTunes, how I need to merge my 4 calendars into one, my walkover that is ALMOST there, the HGC Video Ministry finally being partially-established and how much I MISS MY URBAN GROOVE that I can’t wait to be able to go back!

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