The Vow. Easter.

7 days. It’s true then, nothing is impossible. I dedicate this Easter Video to my Jesus. I woof You.

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their chains in pieces.

Psalms 107:14

First off, HAPPY EASTER!!! If you don’t have a church to attend, come join us at

Harvest Gen Subang Jaya,

No 2-3A, Subang Business Centre,

Jalan USJ 9/5T, 46710

at 10 AM.

Secondly, I observe over the course of my one week of being on mute that the girls I hang out with tend to turtle into awkward silences whereas boys have been much nicer to me and are much more jovial and engaged in conversation.

Conclusion: I’m going to say the girls feel bad for me and don’t want me to envy their ability of speech by talking too much. The boys, obviously feel this week as an important opportunity to talk as much as they can because once I get my voice back who knows if I’ll ever stop there is no correlation whatsoever between me not talking and boys speaking more to me.

Note to self: Get back at the Universe for screwing with me all week and playing all my favourite car songs all day long knowing full-well I could not sing along to a single one of them.

On another side note: I have this familiar feeling in my tummy. Must kill it before it kills me.

Thinking of: Chris Tomlin’s Amazing Grace, ASL, how I need to learn to trust, or at least be okay with falling and how I hate it when people play with my feelings.

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