The Food Critic: Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

I ate some maple loaf. And now my life has meaning.

So Wednesday morning, I had breakfast at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.

Set against a French-colonial-styled background, the frame and deco of this pastry paradise took my breath away.

Walk in and you would forget the shoddy shops by its sides and the sad truth that it’s located in the heart of a musty KL.

I think the fact that it was drizzling lightly gave the romantic ambience every girl loves soaking in.

Okay so the points to make here are:

1) Self-service areas that allows you to browse all the pastries, sweet and savoury, to your hearts content without any shop employees breathing down your neck. PLUS++ HUGE-AS Open Stove concept that shows the chef’s baking the goods.

2) Every kind of food served here looked delectable and tastes palatable.

3) Beautiful scenery.

4) Though the place was full of people even so early in the morning, you don’t feel the crowd because of the way the café is spread out.

5) Pricey but worth it, in my onion. You are not just paying for good pastries, after all, but the whole package of service and a fine quality breakfast experience.

6) Ah-MAY-zeng Maple Loaf Bread!


Taking into account the above and the fact I had exceedingly good company, all in all I’d give this café a 4 out of 5 diamonds.


Why not 5?

It was certainly pricey and it is located near Jalan Imbi which, to me, might as well be Timbuktu.

Would I go back there?

Yes. And soon.

Sigh. Levain took me to a different place. I think I’ve found a new escape.

Note to self: Do not leave apples unattended for 2 weeks. Results will gross you out.

Note to self #2: When allowing guy to put on jacket, make sure he doesn’t accidentally unhook bra. Results will be embarrassing, especially while wearing white spaghetti.

Also shout out to: My ah-may-zeng boss who bought me the world of new taste-bud discovery with Gong Cha’s Melon Less-Ice-More-Pudding Tea.

It had a smooth+creamy+ice-cream+melted-butter+honey+butterscotch+pudding taste.

Thinking of: Costume shopping at Sungei Wang with HGC production cast, The Fray’s Heartbeat, One Direction’s One Thing, Maccas’ Cornflakes McFlurry, how weird it feels having the Saturday off and how I’m slowly slipping again.

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