Tacking Up.

Have you ever gone to the kitchen to get something but the moment you reach there, you completely forget why you’re there in the first place so you end up washing your hands in confusion and going back to your room wishing you knew what you went to the kitchen for?

The fastest route between two points is always a straight line. But when there is no focus, sometimes we can be left wandering for 40 years a long time before reaching our destination.

But I believe not everyone can be focused 100% of the time, even the most disciplined look sideways time and again.

So the issue isn’t focus, is it? But a sublime lack of it.


Racehorses wear blinders for one reason; trainers believe they keep the horse focused on what is in front of him, spurring him to pay attention to the race rather than get spooked by other distractions, such as crowds or other horses.

I tell you the truth, distraction has the punim of Pedro Perestrello and a body of Adonis. We don’t get distracted by things that don’t attract us.

A few days ago I was whining and complaining for all the toys in my life I want but don’t have. I was throwing a perfectly fine spoiled brat fit with Jesus, reminding Him how da*n lucky He is I have accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour and He needs to get His act together if He claims to love me. I went to bed sulky and sour. At six the following morning, I woke up and groggily checked my phone for stalker fb updates. The first thing I see is a friend posting a prayer request for the victims of the day before’s 8.6 earthquake in Indonesia. To pray and fast for God’s peace and protection.

Even in a mid-state of hypnopompia, I felt a rush of guilt and a definite wave of my stupidity rear its ugly head.

It had completely slipped my mind to find out more about the earthquake that had taken place the day before. I was more busy complaining about how unfair life was for me.

I saw me for the muddled person I’ve become. I see part of what once made me passionate watered down to religious jargon and repetitive mantras.

Maybe doing everyday in a state of lost, dry, run-of-the-mill and waiting for SOMETHING to happen was becoming too mainstream but I’ve undoubtedly allowed so much of garbage to distract me from following His heart.

I have decided that this cannot go on anymore.

I shall borrow God’s blinders to tack on and sell my own ones for peanuts.

I'm going to fight back distraction with all my might, no matter how hard it might be

Massive kismet  side note: Was flipping through tumblr depressed about my flatlands and I came across this!

On a side note: Was thinking of the first person who ever discovered milk. What were you doing with that cow?!

Thinking of: Wardrobe malfunctions, Demi Lovato’s Give Your Heart a Break, getting my act together, losing more sleep, how Mushu is the best Disney side-kick ever and all these One Direction songs giving me satanic thoughts.

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