We live in a world of cheap friendship. Where a few drinks and ridiculously asinine games can open you up to a complete stranger whom you will meet today and conveniently forget tomorrow.

We live in a world where the ease of communication is at its peak, yet building interpersonal relationships still is a struggle.

The psychologists will try to put you into categories, “Oh, you’re a phlegmatic-melancholic-introverted-drama-queen and are incapable of communicating effectively with people unlike yourself.”

The psychics will predict, “You’re born in the zodiac  month of the Scorpio and will never be able to live happily with a Taurus because you’re an insect and he’s a cow.”

Fengshui tells you, “Fire can only live with wind if your microwave is facing west every full moon.”

I don’t understand why some people stubbornly insist on letting theories define who they are and, more preeminently, who they will become!

Can you not decide for yourself the person you wish to be?!


Communication and friendship is a choice. It is NOT a one-way street. It is NOT biologically, physiologically or psychologically predetermined by a geek behind a desk.

No man is a friggin’ island. What are we playing at, then, when we choose to treat each other like we’re not worth the effort in order to prove whom others have claimed us to be?

Even animals understand interaction better than humans, for heavens’ sake. They hate being alone. They travel in packs, herds, flocks, colonies, swarms and gaggles.

Then again, I can rant all I want, but at the end of the day, what matters to me more? Making a point of my character? Or stepping out of my comfort zone to go an extra mile, to see an extra smile.

Friendship isn’t easy. Of course nobody wants squalid friendship. The harder you work for it, the harder it’ll be to loosen your grip. The more you’ve invested into something, the more protective you are of it, naturally.

This is the truth. People are important. Relationships with these people are important. And if sometimes, I need to make a shift in my attitude to give leeway for the friendship to take root, then so friggin’ be it.

It is better to sacrifice a little of yourself in order to have much more of someone else than to not have them at all.

Because people matter.

Even if I’m born in August and you’re born in October. You matter to me.

Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.

John 15:13

I’m so riled up I have no pictures for you today.

My conclusion on a harsher, less understanding, note: I think people who use the different theories-BS to be lazy and not make an effort in building relationships should be kicked in the n*ts.

Thinking of: The horrible stories of broken relationships.

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