Filmophile: The Avengers

I contemplated waiting another week for those who have yet to get with the program and watch one of the must-see movies of 2012, but I couldn’t be bothered.

Disclaimer: Warning! Spoilers ahead!

I liked it.

It was funny.

What I liked about the movie:

I was utterly Loki’d

On a more serious tone, I feel every hero  had his flaws blatantly paraded in public comedy. Yet every hero also had his chance to redeem himself. All within the 143 minutes, too.

What I didn’t like about the movie:

Scarlett Johansson. What in the blue he** is she doing there? She has no super powers at all to speak of, unless her super power is her incredible ability to make men drool over her big a**! Initially, I questioned the directors’ choice of certain heroes in the movie. But then, I wiki’ed did some thorough research and found that all the characters were indeed well chosen, including Black Widow. I never actually knew her ability was that she was an excellent Russian spy. In which case, she did do her job rather effectively in the movie. I guess I just wasn’t educated when I likened her to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers 3 made that assumption that she had no stable role .

I especially liked how they built upon Tony Stark’s self-obsessed-borderline-psychotic-narcissistic nature only to show he was truly selfless at the end when he was willing to sacrifice his life and his love for mankind.

Cinema crowd response

Every one, or maybe just the guy beside me, was really into the movie; shouting, clapping, etc. Massive applause when

1) Hulk smashed Loki. Or whenever Hulk smashed anyone, really.

2) the credits started rolling.

The Avengers is the first movie to cross $207.4 million in just three days of it’s debut. Again, like with Hunger Games, I must applaud the marketing directors. The build-up to this movie was phenomenal. I remember waiting for it to come out since Iron Man, though the marketing campaign began even earlier than 2008, I’m sure. The months leading up to the movie was unbearable because I couldn’t turn on my TV and radio or log on to Twitter and Facebook without being flooded with talk of The Avengers. I don’t know if the screening strategy where they released the movie to a few leading countries before the U.S. played a part in raising desperation but whatever they did worked.



Why not 5 stars? Two words: Shirt on.

Shame on you, Chris, for not giving us what we want. Shame.

On a related note: I pity the fools in the country who only get to watch the movie in August.

Without these, you are nothing!

Thinking of: Ipoh, Jeannie Ortega Feat. Papoose’s Crowded, how I need to see a breakthrough in my popping, being tossed into the deep end with no float, how I will strive to not let history repeat itself and Loki!!!!

One thought on “Filmophile: The Avengers

  1. My mind still recollecting the happy-boy jumpin during the rather irrelevant scenes in the cinema that day.Thank goodness he’s sober.At first I thought he’s less-than-likely-to-be-sober,but then I guess that’s how some of teen boys showed their enthusiasm.Heh.

    “Shame on you, Chris, for not giving us what we want. Shame.”

    Hahahaha!C’mon! He had bared enough in The First Avenger. 😛 Well,at least the netizens love the boxing scene.I wonder if he noticed what *everyone* had noticed.Oh Chris..

    Speaking of Ipoh,it reminds me of this:

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