Changing The World, One Heartbeat At A Time

I have this vague memory of my childhood where every Sunday morning my mother would scream bloody murder to wake me up for church. Then I would trudge all the way to church usually dressed in an embarrassingly pink frock and shoes fit for human torture.

Sometime around the age of 5-12, my parents bought us a hamster. We named him ‘Rahul’ after Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

One Sunday morning I was up early. Not because I couldn’t wait to go to the house of the Lord but because I wanted to play with Rahul.

It’s a pitiful thought when I couldn’t find it in me to wake up for church early but I can wake up early for a hamster.

So once again my mom was screaming to get us off from playing with Rahul and into the car to go to church. After about 20 minutes of us not budging, rage consumed her and she made a sweeping motion at Rahul and swept him clean off the table we were playing him on. The poor thing spun and dented the cupboard with a loud “Thwack!” If I remember clearly, my older siblings didn’t talk to my mother at all that day.

When we grew older and learned to laugh at our past, we often brought this story up to my mother to remind her how heartless she was to hurt Rahul that way and to basically heap burning coals on her head. But yesterday, I think I finally caught my mother’s heart. It wasn’t about hurting the hamster. Granted, she could’ve handled things differently but truth be told, we could ALL have made different choices that morning.

I finally understand that she had such a sense of urgency in her heart to make sure not a Sunday was wasted away from God’s presence. So no distractions would compromise that every Sunday we go to the house of the Lord and worship Him in the midst of our spiritual family. She tried her level best to instill God’s principles in our lives and as surely as God lives, our house is one dedicated to Jesus.

Thank you mummy for always shoving me towards Jesus especially on days we allowed crepuscular rodents to take our eyes off Him. I woof you.

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 Funny thing about the flowers; I bought them.

Thinking of: My picture in some random souvenir shops photoframe selling for RM100, Johnny friggin’ Depp in Dark Shadows and Justin Bieber’s I Turn To You.

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