Vagabond: Drumstore Avenue

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So I was walking casually through the new Paradigm mall in Kelana Jaya on it’s launch day two Wednesdays ago.

Some kid tried to push the clown on stilts off O_O

The place was huge and seemed to have every store I could think of. I was impressed, to be sure. But one particular store caught my eye more than anything. The moment I walked by it, my heart leapt in amazement.

I had to go inside and check it out.

What I liked about the store:

The drum sets suspended dangerously cool from the ceiling.

What I didn’t like about the store:

The owner had unruly hair.



Okay, so I’m biased because my big brother has opened his new store. So proud of him!

Check out the suspended drums!

I’m in such a good mood that


All you have to do is mention the word ‘Drumstore’ to me when you see me and you’ll get the guitar pick free of charge.

That’s his annoyed, “Stop taking pictures of me!” face.

Disclaimer: Offer ends when I run out of guitar picks.

My ‘Congrats on your Opening’ flowers were the smallest 😦

On a side note: BodyCombat at Fitness First Summit on Tuesday at 6:30pm! The class is pretty grueling. I’d recommend it for ladies who are looking to waste an hour doing mild endurance aerobics.

On another more ekshiting side note: Can I just say how friggin’ ekshited I am that the HGC production is in a month! And you’re ALL invited.

Admission is FREE.

Come watch yours truly play the part of the android assasin Ootoka.

Click the link in the sidebar to ‘Like’ our facebook page and get more info.

Thinking of: William Shrapnel, Jennifer Paige’s Crush, how delaying is not denying, how it’s not easy to keep masking confusion behind indifference, B.A.P.’s Warrior, Block B’s Nanrina, two flies per public toilet in China and MISSING SUN in one month!!!!

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