Oh, He’s Such a Man

When I was 6, I almost died of pneumonia.

I was on holiday in a country whose first and second languages were not English.

Every hospital we went to for help couldn’t understand a word my father was trying to say as he explained my condition.

My memory of this incident is hazy at best but I do remember the look of utter resilience on my father’s face as he searched for any hospital that would take a foreigner in. At every receptionist he would put his hand on his forehead and tap to indicate my high fever, and make a vomiting motion with his hands to indicate my inability to keep any food down and gesture his hand away from his rear to indicate the fact I was purging. Despite the language barrier, most nurses understood his charades and even more so after looking at my pale, uninterested face but sadly, couldn’t offer us any help.

He carried me on his shoulders for hours in the winter rain until we finally came to a women’s and children’s hospital. My dad must’ve been exhausted after carrying a baby rhino on his back but he swiftly walked to the reception and began his charades to the nurses as per usual, explaining my condition. The nurses waited until he had finished his acting and then said laughingly in sweet voices, “Sir, do you speak English?”

Above their chortles of giggles I saw relief flood my fathers face as he rushed me to a doctor in the hospital, who, Praise the Lord, spoke English.

My father put aside his dignity and was willing to be embarrassed to get me help, sadly I can’t say I felt the same when the doctor winked at me and said he was going to shove a pill up my a**. Apparently that’s the fastest way to cure pneumonia.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the man who fought for my life.

Except that I would honour him by living a life he would be proud of.

My father, my hero.

Today Pastor Ryan summed up a real man in 6 points.

A real man is:

1) A man of his word

2) A man of decision

3) A man of provision

4) A man of discipline

5) A man of love

6) A man of courage

I gotta say, my papa meets every one of those requirements. And more.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa. I love you.

On a side note: Gugugagagugugaga

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