No Touchy!

Fun Sumie Fact:  Between the ages 11-18, I hated people touching me. This in fact got my mother genuinely worried as to the question of me procreating to give her grandchildren.

In International Marketing III, I learned about this concept called The Circle of Proxemics.

It basically tells you how everyone reacts differently to physical space invasion.

They teach us this so when we cross borders for business, we don’t overstep boundaries in understanding that what is public space to us can be personal space to someone else.

So yesterday I was having dinner with my Missing Sun director and some of the cast when one of my fellow actors did a pec dance.

I tried giving it a go but was chastised because this world is misogynistic and has double standards it’s unbecoming of a woman to do so.

Anywhoo it got me thinking about boundaries.

Boundaries talk about a perimeter; a safe haven.

It establishes the sovereignty of a ruler; the extent to which a king can parade his power.

Boundaries can be physical and can also be figurative.

Figurative like the boundaries of rules and law.

You would think having laws would restrict but laws are meant to provide freedom. Think about it, there is more freedom in a place where people obey the law than in a place where there are no laws that people follow.

Imagine a game with no rules. It would be like a game of Cups. Everybody’s a winner.

Or a world where random people walked into your house and took your stuff because they didn’t respect your boundaries. Of course they wouldn’t get convicted because there’d be no established boundaries of law.

The bible is full of rules and regulations. What to do, what not to eat,  how to act, who not to sleep with…

The antinomianists disregard the law under grace’s pretense, erasing the boundaries God clearly drew. Maybe that makes life easier to chew and swallow but if we don’t measure our values to a higher order, how do we know we’re doing what’s right?

As Christians, we have a commitment to constantly rise to those boundaries because when Jesus came He didn’t come to abolish the law but to instill it.

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

Matthew 5:17

He came marketing a superior way of life so that we can enjoy a higher standard of living .

Inspired by Ps Kevin Loo

Interesting Fact: There is a 10m wide strip of no-man’s land by the Malaysia-Thailand border. The lack of jurisdiction makes it a refuge for drug dealers and black market smugglers.

On a side note: It’s ironic how growing up I hated Johnny Bravo because I thought he was a douche yet those are the kind of guys I’m attracted to now.

Your name must be Mickey, ‘coz you’re so fine. You’re so fine you blow my mind.

Thinking of: Suggesting the Hunger Games method to my manager to choose the new Team Leader of my department, Lonesome George, Super Junior’s U, David Guetta’s Titanium, MISSING SUN IN 20 DAYS and how I shall keep my pec dances to myself in my room from now on.

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