Obstacle Illusion

Interesting Fact: Screensavers are computer programs initially invented to protect computer monitors from phosphorous burn-ins.

Screensavers are coded to display only in one instance;

when the computer is idle.

The executable file interfaces indirectly with the operating system and causes the overlay to the current physical display with an animated image or a blanked screen.

Simply put, screensavers show a false image.

What you see displayed on the screen isn’t really what is on your desktop.

I think I can safely say 100% of the people who has seen the picture above were mesmerized by following the white line, even if it was for a fraction of a second. But that fraction is all it takes to lose focus from reading the rest of this post continuously.

Every time I have a a goal to achieve, an obstacle finds its way in front of my eyes, blocking my path to it.

Like an ant, I find myself with one of three options:

(1) Wait for the obstacle to move by itself.

(2) Move it myself

(3) Walk around it

The problem with option (1) is I usually have neither the patience nor the time for the obstacle to move itself.

The problem with option (2) is usually the  obstacle is too heavy for me to move it by myself.

That leaves me with option (3).

So here’s the foolproof plan. In order to walk around the obstacle, I must:

Step 1: Take a good look at it and first admit that it is there.


Step 2: Thoroughly gauge the physical perimeter of said obstacle.

Attractive and irresistible. Check.

Step 3: Run a game plan on whether to go around it or over it and how to do so.

Get over it. Avoid eye contact. Actually just avoid ALL contact. Check.

And once I’m in the clear,

Step 3: RUN towards my destiny never looking back.

To be checked.

The most important thing to remember is God has given us peripheral vision so we can see that as big as the obstacle is in our way, it is not the dead end.

The second most important thing to remember is screensavers terminate the moment indolence is actively interrupted i.e. when the idling stops.


Dear Jesus, Help me overcome this recent obstacle, this obsession I have with fatty food. I admit I have this problem. Lord, I cannot gain weight before Missing Sun, I really won’t be able to fit into my costume pants that the people of the Summit mall lied and said were free size. Help me avoid all eye contact with the Ramlee burger stall outside my house, and the Satay stall in front of church. Help me stay vigilant and not think about food when I’m bored. Remind me that gluttony is a sin. Remind me the fatty food is standing between me and my destiny; my Jessica Alba body. In Your name I pray, Amen.

And put a knife to your throat
If you are a [wo]man given to appetite.
Do not desire his delicacies,
For they are deceptive food

Proverbs 23:2-3

On a side note: Being punched in the face by a guy with really big hands is no fun 😥

OPEN INVITE TO ALL: MISSING SUN PRODUCTION on the 15th of July at 4:30pm at EX8 Studio SS13!


Thinking of: Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, Judgement Day, how I have no regrets going for that massage, how much my jaw hurts, how even though you think my curls are ugly, I like them and MISSING SUN PRODUCTION IN 12 DAYS!!!!!

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