Ootoka: Story of a Murderer

When Heath Ledger died, there was the idea being passed around that the last character he played before his death, the Joker, killed him.

Not literally, of course. But psychologically.

He couldn’t seem to disengage; the inexactness bothered him.

The Rolling Stones

On set he would be so baptized in the role of a ‘psychopathic, mass-murdering clown with zero empathy’ that it scared the other actors into forgetting their lines.

In my onion, the worst mistake an actor can make while being in character is losing the ability to get out of it even after the director yells ‘Cut!’

There’s this running joke of a guy in HGC that was so into his character in a previous play that even now 2 years after the play is over he’s still in character. It’s fine because he played a comedic role. If anything I’m sure it was a tremendous improvement on his disposition.

But what if your character wasn’t funny?

For my character development, I really had to build on the background of Ootoka.

Ootoka is a woman of many layers. But the layer I find most reluctant to peel into is her suffering from the effects of severe self-imposed solitary confinement. She is at the epic height of introversion. Limited communication with fellow androids and even lesser with human beings. The reason behind being complete rejection from both sides. She finds no firm place to belong because nobody wants her and that hurt only drives her deeper into borderline misanthropy. Yet with her very crippled emotional instability, she channels into a façade of the aloof heroine putting her neck out to save the very people who reject her.

For me to relate to that kind of bitterness every day is beginning to emotionally disturb me.

I have to remind myself before every practice : ‘I’m rejected, alone and unwanted but have to put those feelings aside for a greater cause; to save humanity one refugee at a time.’

Sometimes I snap out of it fast, but recently the words have begun to haunt me off-stage, especially in the darkness of my room behind closed doors.

If I never get out of my character, it’s seriously going to put a damper on my spirits in the long run.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” *swats away demons* I don’t like being so emo!

Anyway, here’s our Missing Sun Promo! Check it out!

On a side note: Left hand is protesting against my stupidity when I blindly hit someone’s body armour.

Thinking of: Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, cleaning my room, Natasha Bedingfield’s I Bruise Easily, brutal honesty, giving up, my amazing friends helping me with character development, how there is not enough space to fit all that junk and MISSING SUN PRODUCTION happening in 10 days!!!

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