Filmophile: The Amazing Spider-Man

Disclaimer Warning: Spoilers ahead.


I think the title says it.


Okay maybe not amazing but the plot was definitely not what I expected. More than that, Spider-Man was not what I expected.

What I liked about the movie:

At first I was really skeptical about the man who would be playing Peter Parker. How could you outdo Tobey Macguire? But Andrew Garfield blew me away with his character. Spider-Man was so different from the picture Tobey Macguire painted.

Andrew brought out the cheeky, witty, sarcastic, sardonic, youthful face of Spider-Man. It opened my eyes to this whole side of Peter Parker that I never imagined could exist. It was like a breath of fresh air from convention.

But he also showed a lot of emotion. Man, this actor really has the cutest crying face. His tears were ginormous and when they rolled down his cheek I wanted to carry him in my feeble arms to buy him candies and ice-cream until he felt better.

The other thing I liked was the ingenuity with how he created his own weapons. He only inherited strength and sticky fingers from the spider bite, so he had to invent his own spiderwebs.

What I didn’t like about the movie:

His hair. You can house a small family of Smurfs in there, man.

I wasn’t ecstatic about the plot. I feel there was too much emphasis on his relationship with Gwen Stacy. Where’s Mary Jane?! Is he hiding her in his hair?! And not enough on his own relationship with the villain. Too much focus on romance in my onion. Speaking of villains, the one in the movie kind of, for a lack of a better word, sucked. No matter how you try to twist it, a lizard will never make a cool villain.

I actually was looking forward to seeing Mary Jane.

It’s not that I don’t like Gwen Stacy. It’s just that my favourite scene of her was when she got thrown out the window.



Why not 5 stars? WHERE IS MARY JANE, STAN LEE?! AND WHERE IS MY UPSIDE DOWN KISS? And why is Flash such a wuss?

On a side note: I’m overly sensitive.

Thinking of: How it bugs me now when it never bugged me before.

5 thoughts on “Filmophile: The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. hate to break it to you but Gwen in the comics made a huge impact to Spidey coz she died. She’s gonna be the same in any upcoming sequels.

  2. you have pretty mutch the same opinnions than I do exept that I actually love Andrews hair… 🙂 but I’ll keep reading , you have intresting comments and I find them very entertaining, so ….keep writing :))

  3. oh really? hahah, gosh. yeah I’ve been told that gwen stacy was the first love of peter parker, not mary-jane watson. Thanks for the info XD

  4. haha sumie, this is “the amazing spiderman” not ‘spiderman’ two different story plot. actually originally Gwen Stacy is the actual first love of peter parker

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