Order in the Court!

Judge not.

There were two women who went to church.

As they bowed at the altar, one said, “Lord, I thank You I’m not like these other women, the women who sleep around, the women who drink excessively, the women who cheat on their husbands, the women who are obsessed with material things or the woman next to me, who I heard lost her virginity in fornication. I give you 10% of all I own and I fast twice a week.”

The other woman prayed, her face not even daring to look heavenward, “God, I am not worthy. Have mercy on me. Forgive me.”

I wasn’t supposed to write a post today, but I drove home from dinner with this gut-wrenching pain in my spirit.

How often have I condemned you for your mistakes? How often have I thought of myself more highly? How often do I forget I am dust and that without Him who has forgiven me, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post?

I got some news today. At first it disturbed me to my core. I had so many questions. So many doubts.

Then I realized, it’s none of my business what you do nor whom you do it with.

I called myself your ‘friend’, but I did you so much injustice. Instead of standing up for your honour, I broke you down and disfigured your character.

It doesn’t matter if you’re right or I’m wrong. I should’ve protected you.

Sometimes it’s better to just shut up.

Maybe all the signs are pointing towards an end none of us are comfortable seeing. But it is not my right to delve. Nor my place to question.

It’s like when an accident happens, if I’m not going to help, I have to drive on by. I can’t slow down and make traffic worse just to see the body.

‘First, do no harm’.

It’s said that phrase is a Hippocratic Oath doctors had to take promising that they would never use their knowledge for evil to harm any one person. If I applied that mentality today, I should never use knowing someones mistakes against them. I should never use superiority in ostracizing a fellow woman.

Lord, teach me not to judge. Teach me to mind my own business. Teach me to protect my friends rather than destroy their character. Teach me to hold my tongue.

She who knows little knows enough if she knows how to hold her tongue.

Italian Proverb

On an emotional note:

On another side note: I’m joining my first marathon! CHCKL’s Neon Run! 7km man, I’m going to start training right now. Activate countdown!

Thinking of: My cute church members, my clean car booth, very disturbing news, Judge Sumi, Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Side, Rihanna’s Russian Roulette, getting a tongue holder and Batman Begins.

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