I’m a Princess and This is My Tiara. Part I

Now with Missing Sun over, I’m thrust into this new world with a new season. What am I supposed to do? Just go on with life? Go on in which direction? A week ago Missing Sun was in the middle of the bulls-eye, now what?

I realize I put so much importance on Missing Sun, squinted my eyes so that the production was all I saw, that when it was over suddenly everything seems so out of focus.

Never again.

The worries are flooding in. What do I do now? How do I get there? What about provision?

But the Bible says,

…Seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things shall be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

I’ve always wondered: What the he** does this verse mean?! How do you seek a kingdom?! Do I Google map it? I actually tried Googling it, and some church in West Virginia came out. Go figure.

The word ‘Seek’ has the Greek equivalent ‘Zéteó’ [ζητέω]. It can mean to investigate.

The word ‘Kingdom’ here is the Greek word ‘Basileia’ [βασιλεία] which can mean sovereignty, both in the world and in our hearts.

∴ To seek His kingdom → To desire first His sovereignty in my world and in my heart, to investigate His jurisdiction over the grey areas in my life.

Obviously this verse isn’t speaking of a kingdom in a physical and literal sense. But what if it was?

There are many parallels between the natural and supernatural. If the supernatural concept is hard to grasp, I asked myself, “Why not look at it from a natural and literal point?”

Think of a literal kingdom. Where am I in it?

According to the bible, I am the daughter of the King. That would actually make me a drama queen princess. Right?

So what do princesses do?

Make babies, look glamorous and attend fancy tea parties?

On the surface it may seem so. But there must be more.


Why must she make babies?

They’ll have the King’s DNA and carry on the monarchy?

Why does she wear a tiara and look glamorous?

She is the image representing her bloodline and empire?

Countless times princesses were used as tools of diplomacy. She was politically important in forming alliances.

Her role is to build bridges, not burn them.

Why must she attend fancy tea parties?

She acts as a PR officer to attract attention to worthy causes?

Those are all answers I got off the internet.

So is Matthew 6:33 is saying that I’m a princess, I should build diplomatic relationships among men and I should behave as befitting my position? But what on earth has this got to do with seeking God’s kingdom?!

Something seems off with my theory. In fact it sounds downright stupid.

-end of part I-

Neon Run Update:

I think I literally heard my legs thank me for letting them rest two days.



On a side note: When someone is hurting, the remedy isn’t to force them to go out where the risk of worsening the infection is higher, they’re supposed to be in a sanitized environment that can contain if not reduce the risk of infection. You don’t ask someone who’s injured to pretend to be strong, you let them tend to their hurt, even if it’s shutting themselves indoors.

Thinking of: Bloody Mary, Lisa Bevere in A Confident Woman Fights Like a Girl, Capsule’s Love or Lies, Elton John’s Candle n the Wind, Princess Diana and The OLYMPICS opening ceremony in 4 hours!!!!

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