Sumie The Pants Ripper

Funny Story: My brother and I used to play this game where we’d both do stupid things and the first person to laugh forfeits. My secret weapon were these tight-a**-grabbing-low-quality-pasarmalam-‘Seven dwarves’-pants. I would walk in front of him, squat, the pants would make a ripping sound and my brother would burst out laughing, forfeiting the game.

Yesterday I was walking along this corridor with two ladies and a small child. The girl was the daughter of one of my companions. She looked about five or six years old.

As I was leaning on the railing, I looked over and I saw something like this

A little acrophobia kicking in, I laughed nervously to my lady companions, “We must be at least 6 stories up.”

“Seven.” One of them corrected me.

Man, that’s far down, I thought. I could barely see the ground floor.

While I was preoccupied with the spiral stairs, I hear the little child ask her mom

“Mommy, can I play on the railing?”

My first thought was, Child, you gon’ get yo’ a** whooped.

But the mother unexpectedly said, “Sure, darling, just be careful.”

My eyes open wide in shock as the child scrambles over the side of the railing and hangs from her hands, seven stories above the ground while her mother continues talking to me, completely unperturbed.

Then, as if in slow motion, I saw the child’s right hand accidentally slip off the railing. My feet are glued to the floor for some stupid reason as I watch her mother reach out to grab the left hand on the railing but it slips too and the child screams out, “Daddy!” as she plummets 7 stories.

As if gaining reason, my feet come unglued and I rush to look over the railing.

I see the little girl fall four stories, hit her head on the side of the third and second-story railing and finally hear a soft crack as she hits the ground floor face down.

Mouth hanging open, I turn to look at the mother. All I see are the whites of her eyes before her knees buckle and she faints into the arms of my other lady companion.

As if overcome by some superhuman speed, I ran seven stories down the spiral stairs to the child. I ran like the hounds of hell were on my heels. I ran as if MPH was giving away free books.

When I get to her at the bottom, I check for her pulse.

Her heart is beating! She’s still alive! I gather her in my arms and run out the building to rush her to the nearest hospital.

As I step out of the building door, I hear a duck quack.

I wake up in a daze and check my phone for a text message that just came in.

That was a weird dream.

But not as weird as waking up and finding ripped pants.

Meh, the pants weren’t that nice anyway.

Don’t ask me how it happened.

Maybe I ran for real in the physical as I ran down the stairs in my dreams.

I have two interpretations for my dream.

1) I represent the little girl, taking a risk, failing and plummeting to the ground while calling out for her Daddy to save her. But He doesn’t come to the rescue so I have to save myself.

2) The 7 stories represent the 7 kilometers I have to run for the Neon Run. And if I don’t complete it, a little girl will fall from a staircase.

Neon Run Update:

Thinking of: The Dreamers, Jack the Ripper, believing I can do this alone, saving little girl’s lives 1km at a time, Pastor Graeme Kirkwood, how I just want it to end, a new beginning and Fashion Bloomers!

2 thoughts on “Sumie The Pants Ripper

  1. Wow…what an amazing dream. Last night I dreamed I was to be the lead man in the attempt to kill a dragon. I knew I almost certainly would die…but it was kind of cool and I was okay with it. I always want to be the hero.

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