The Food Critic: Genova Banana Leaf Restaurant

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to eat a really big papadam.

Today I got that chance!

A new banana leaf restaurant just opened up across the street from where I work.

Genova Banana Leaf Restaurant.

It’s so new there are no restaurant signs up.

It’s so new I don’t even know if Genova is the name of the restaurant.

When my colleague first told me about it today I was thinking, Indian food is already good, how much gooder better  can it get?

I didn’t eat much, just some rice, podderlanga kootu (snake gourd with lentils and coconut), thairu (yoghurt), vathal kozhumbu (Sun-dried Turkey Berry Curry), rasam, vegetarian chicken, urugaa (pickles), moore molaga (moore chilly), kathiruka kuthu (Brinjal with lentils and coconut), masala tea and a papaddum the size of a baby wombat.

I swear, I was this close to eating licking the banana leaf. It was that good.

Okay so the points to make here are:

1) Excellent service

I never felt overlooked as every waiter there seemed to have one goal; to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Case in point: I got up to get tissue and the waiter was already standing there with the tissues in his hand ready for me to take.

I was utterly impressed.

Sure, it’s a new establishment but it was an exquisite luncheon experience.

Special thanks to Chitoo for introducing me to this place


Good food + good service + good company = 5 diamonds


Would I go back?

I’m taking my boss there on Friday!

On a side note: New shoes for Neon Run! Pics to be posted up soon.

Note to self: When going for laser surgery, make sure to give self enough down time away from the public. Don’t nobody want to see this.



Thinking of: My new kicks, bumping into old friends, Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Side, Everybody Hates Chris, playing connect-the-dots on my face and how much I’m missing you, 

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