Vagabond: Brooks

I wouldn’t spend RM400 on a shoe.

But I needed a new pair because my old ones were starting to give way.

Okay, fine, they did give way.

This just means I’m running too much, I’m running wrong , my legs are crooked, or them Bata shoes suck.

In any case, I had an RM120 Brooks voucher from CHCKL for running in the Neon Run and thought, hey, what better time to buy new running shoes than before a marathon?

The outlet I went to was the one in Sunway Pyramid.

I walked in, said I wanted a pair of shoes and the sales lady immediately came to me and started measuring my feet width, length, arch, etc.

Then she said my feet needed guidance (insert a moment of spiritual epiphany here) and proceeded to show me the type of shoes that would fit me perfectly.

I was really impressed with the service. This lady knew a lot about shoes, she even taught me a new way of tying my laces. It’s like a Mickey Mouse thing, I’ll show you later.

Basically the only thing I had to do was pick the colour of my shoes.

I don’t know if the shoes really are the perfect fit for me but for that 20 minutes I was in the shop, she made me believe it.

That’s why I would give this store 4 diamonds.



Why not 5?

Foo, the shoes cost RM400!

Would I go back there?

Yes. Excellent sales service. They really gave me the impression they cared a whole lot more about my shoes and the health of my feet than about my money.

Plus the owner was really nice. His agajabillion of marathon medals hang outside the store for all of Malaysia to fawn at.

Neon Run Update:

Note to self: Sumi, when keeping track of ‘Distance covered’ in Neon Run Update, make sure whether the treadmill displays ‘Distance’ in miles or kilometers. It doesn’t make sense if you run for 45 minutes and only cover 3 km.

On a side note: Since all this time I thought I was running kilometers instead of miles, I’ve actually pushed myself beyond 7 kilometers and finally managed to hit the target of 7km in 70 minutes.

Thinking of: Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me, how I wish you were here so much I cry, why can’t the U.S. just follow the universal metric system,  Lee Chong Wei’s shoes, survival of the fittest  and NEON RUN in 4 days!!!!

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