LIFE INTERRUPTED Retreat 2012: Day -1

Alright, so I have oodles and goodles of updates since my last post.

1) My BIG news

2) My Birthday

3) Leaders Appreciation Dinner

4) 8 chin-ups by 30th September

5) Mid-year Resolution Evaluation

6) sJelly tutorial- How to run a marathon video

7) Lee Onn

In my defense, I am still trying to manage my time well.

Obviously that’s a slow paced improvement. I will do them next week I shaware.

Anyway, today’s the start of my prayer retreat.

I’ve decided to document this because I want to document God’s reality in my life.

I’ve truly had enough of this ish and I want answers.

That being said here’s what happened today.

I’m supposed to drive to this covert location and fast for 3 days.

Then my car needed servicing so my father offered to drop me there. Praise the Lord for both father(s)’s goodness and wisdom.

We reach the covert location and it turns out to be a dump!

Zero cars around in some jungolic area where 2 out of 10 lights are working, the lift isn’t working and I’m on the 5th floor with all my luggage and stuff.

My father refused to let me stay there so we ended driving to a nearby hotel where he checked me in till Friday.

I teared up a little as he hugged me goodbye and walked away because it’s true. When a man loves his daughter, he shows it, she knows it. And my papa loves me so much. To drive me 1.5 hours to some covert location and then have to search for a decent place for me to stay, and pay for it, I feel he deserves a better daughter than me. I wish I was more independent.

So anyway, here I am at the resort using their free wifi to journal my next few days.

Note to self: Get sleep. If not you’ll be answering calls you have no recollection of, ordering hair treatments you have no recollection of and falling asleep while your mother is advising you about Lee Onn.

Thinking of: Dang noisy neighbours, Leader’s Appreciation dinner, the pattern, being more observant, Mr. Monk, salmon and poached eggs brekkie at Plan B, RM300++ in RM1 bills, self-induced insomnia, the dolphin named Penguin,  Senna on HBO, Z-Wei’s beautiful, healthy, bouncing baby girl, Hillsongs’ What the Lord has Done in Me, how thin these walls are, finally tasting shawarma and Ne-Yo Feat. Tru Life’s Sexy Love.

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