Filmophile: The King’s Speech

Well, I’m utterly inspired.

I’ve been putting off watching this show, because I honestly associated it dry and lengthy. I formally regret this decision now.

4 Oscars, 80 other wins and 101 other nominations. Why it never occurred to me to watch it before baffles me.

The quiet whisper of hope that man can achieve anything he puts his mind to, with the condign help by his side.

4 things about the show (among many others) that made it impossible for me to turn my head away for a second

1) I glorified his wife for the right-hand she proved to be throughout his impediment. I’ve always wondered what a man’s queen should look like. The greatest testing of a wife is in how steady she’ll stand by his side when everyone else fails to see his progress. Helena Bonham Carter truly portrayed the “suitable helper” God designed women to be.

2) I fell in love with the script not a mere 10 minutes into the movie. The Brits never let me down, it’s as if they know how much I love their dry humour.

3) Classical music has never been my number one choice for a movie soundtrack since Hannibal Lecter. I do lament now from my primitive thinking. Soothing yet appropriate with the film’s pace is the best way to describe it.

4) And of course, Geoffrey Rush, that sly dog. Who would’ve thought Captain Barbossa actually looked pretty decent beneath his pirate grit and grime.

My review does this film no justice at all,  though I have only good things to say about The King’s Speech. They seem to overshadow whatever that might fulminate against. So I’ll say it now:



Well done. Bloody well done.

Side note: Oh crud, what have I done.

Thinking of: How short life is, how fast things change, tap the frog, Beethoven, across borders advice and how I could be so so so stupid!

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