Road Trip: Ipoh

I was supposed to blog about my first Malaysian inter-state road trip as I was on it but, yeah…

Procrastination is the enemy. Plus I didn’t take ANY pictures except for two so unfortunately all the pictures you see are from some other site where the blogger was dedicated enough to remember to bring her camera.

So! Highlights of the trip!

BIG THANK YOU: To Jeffery Yeo for the reminder on the events that took place.


1) Car broke down and had to be towed

Not mine. The other car in the convoy.

Stuck in Tapah for 4 hours. Conned by a bunch of guys trying to ‘help’ us.

I’d say the moment the ‘tow truck’ turned right into an enshrouded opening in the bushes leading to a junkyard that looked suspiciously similar to the one in Thir13en Ghosts was the moment I knew if God wasn’t with us, we’d all be on the front page of the following day’s news.


This wasn’t the highlight of my trip, it’s not even good enough that I want to do a review but I appreciated the cinematography. Plot was uninspiring and boring.

3) METRO spicy sausages

Disclaimer: All following pictures are not mine.

I didn’t try it but everyone who did had pretty swollen lips for the rest of the night. Kudos to Sarah-Jane for taking it like a man.


1) Lunch @ Tai Shi Kiok (Big Tree Food)


Yong Tau Foo with curry bee hoon: ✓

Big-as glass of Red Bean milk drink: ✓

Char Kuey Teow: Worst CKT ever. Do not try.

Popiah: Drool-and-✓

2) Visited a friend’s house.

His grandma is so cute. She had the same hairstyle as him.

3) Kaya puffs: ✓

4) Lost World Hot Springs

So relaxing. It’s like boiling all your cares away for a while.

Recommend going with friends: ✓

5) Dinner @ On Kee


Hor Fun: ✓

Tau Gay: ✓

Fish/Pork Balls: ✓

Steamed Chicken: ✓

6) Dinner @ Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)


Fruit ABC: ✓

Indigestion from eating dinner too fast: ✓

7) Supper @ St Michael’s Padang


ENO: ✓


1) Breakfast @ Ming Court


Dim Sum: OMG-so-good-I-want-to-kidnap-the-cook-✓

2) Brunch @ Nasi Ganja Shop (Yong Suan Coffee Shop)


Nasi Ganja+salted egg: ✓

Caramel Pudding: So-good-I’ll-sell-my-friend’s-kidney-for-an-unlimited-supply-✓

Lime Juice: ✓

3) Lunch @ New Hollywood (Canning Gardens)


Char Kuey Teow: Oh-so-good-I-want-to-kiss-the-cook-✓

4) Tea @ Sing Berry


Original Detox Strawberry Something: Succulent-✓

5) Dinner @ Tuck Kee


Fried Hokkien Noodle: ✓

Wattan Hor: Died-and-went-to-heaven-and-came-back-down-✓

Sotong and Chilli: ✓

Moonlight Kuey Teow (Yit Kuong Hor Fun): ✓

6) Driving under a blanket of stars for 5 hours to KL.

This isn’t really a food review since I feel my taste for Ipoh is biased but  besides the crappy CKT under the big tree, I’d say Ipoh food is as good as they say.

Coming back to Ipoh: Yes. To try the elusive Stadium Tau Foo Fah.

Road Trip: Success ✓

On a side note: Now that she’s dating Harry Styles, I foresee Taylor Swift will write a song about his hair. Hairy Style: Combing it in One Direction. 

Also: I feel so loved! Thank you, Lara *shy*

Thinking of: A matter of time, leaving to Australia in less than 48 hours, Jolison’s Wedding, Tyler Ward’s Red, Dumb Ways to Die, JB’s breakup, T.Swift and Harry Styles, Yuna’s Lullabies and how it’s just one week! I’ll survive for b’gosh sakes!

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